Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quick Follow-Up

After yesterday's announcement that a third CFL team would be brought to Ottawa by benefactors under Charlie's Angel levels of mystery by out phallicly shaped mayor, it has come to light that one of them may be that guy from Minto. They developed a lot of stuff in Ottawa and are one of the culprits of the revolutionary design of our buildings.

With that in mind I've decided to use the power of imagination (not unlike the Muppet Babies) and advanced sticky-note technologies to give you the first plans of the Minto Stadium redesign for Frank Claire Stadium.

Take in that beigey glow of awesomeness. If they actually manage to get a CFL team, I've already claimed 3 seasons in the pool. Hey, I'm an optimist.

Also, we need to get the team called The Ottawa Beige. I'm sure if I start an online petition we can make it work just like it's worked for getting lawn signs our of elections, getting Jedi as a religion on the census and stopping spam.



What the hell's that tree doing there?

Umar said...

At least it's not CLV Group. Minto would at least put up one tree, and build it, you know, within a couple of years of when they claimed to...

joncormier said...

You both didn't see the disclaimer "This is only a concept drawing, not all elements will appear in final product as they appear in this drawing." It's printed the same colour as the background, so tricky to see.

I sort of saw some kind of plans on a newspaper this weekend (I was on vacation so didn't really pay attention to the world) and it looked a bit like Barbie's Dream Stadium. I really wish I could be a part of any of the Mayor's teams, that way I wouldn't be hampered by "reality."