Friday, September 7, 2007

Tory vs. Fossil

I think someone should throw a fossil at John Tory. It would probably fly just over his head. Or he'd ignore it.

Asked if he would allow creationism to be taught, John Tory practically got on his knees and rang out merciful and humble thanks to his Lord for His magnificent intervention (and to have a bit more fuel for the fire - it gets cold when the media doesn't pay attention during a campaign). So yeah, he's thinking we should give money to enforce ignorance. You can't teach creationism, it's like teaching someone to be an idiot. You just are.

I mean how to you teach faith based math? The easy joke is to look at the Conservative campaign budget. But seriously, you don't understand square roots, just denounce your instructor as an agent of Satan. You don't like history, no worries, God created everything that was and is as it always was and will be. Don't worry about specific dates, that's just fickle knowledge and recorded truth. Knowledge and truth are human conceits and have no place in the faithful learning environment.

You can teach evolution and you can teach science but faith simply can't be instructed. No matter how much money you give. You simply have it. You learn devotions but not actual faith - try looking it up sometime. Then again if you're a believer you don't need to because you'll already know everything you need to know through god.

You see, I don't have faith because I've got too many actual thoughts getting in the way. Because I learned things. I didn't take things on faith.

If anything, John Tory is the perfect advocate as to why adding more representation to the provincial legislature is a bad idea. We can get more like him. You know, people who think The Flintstones was a documentary and will get paid to not teach your kids.

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