Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekend Religion

I went to a Catholic wedding this weekend. I've since decided that I will never be stepping foot inside another Catholic church, except perhaps for a funeral of a loved one. It was one of the most intolerant exhibitions I've ever witnessed, especially since I was there to celebrate two people I love in their love for each other. Instead there was an hour long ceremony explaining that I don't love my wife, our kids can't love us and we simply can't love them, and that my marriage it is a lie. There was more but I stopped listening and decided to play with the kids in the pew in front of me instead rather than cause a scene by leaving which I was prepared to do.

So guess what my thoughts are on faith based school funding? I think we need less and not more. If you want faith based education, pay for it your damned selves. Unless you're going to create a pagan viking school or the Blessed Lucifer School of the Second Ring as well.

I'd totally send my kid to viking school.


Jan Triska said...

It was that bad, eh?
Some of the Catholic services denegerate into this sort of 'holier than thou" ranting.

By contrast, when I was at George's wedding recently, they got married at a United Church (female priest, too, that was different) and it was fairly mellow and not too outwardly religious or proselytizing in any way. It was probably as close as anyone would get to a civil ceremony but still held in a 'house of God' with some singing. They had the Ode to Joy as their theme...good choice, with this language about people being brothers and all, very Enlightenmenet era stuff.

Umar said...

The United Church is where the NDP go to pray. :)

Jon, I strongly suggest that you not go to an Orthodox service. Ever. If you found that the Catholics find glee in others' senses of guilt, avoid the Orthodox churches like the plague. I don't mind going to Catholic church precisely because it doesn't talk about how women should be more oppressed, how I'm going to hell, how Jesus is the only path to salvation (well, not all the time, anyway), etc.

I guess that's different frames of reference at work.

I definitely won't be marrying in the church of my birth - if it's a church, it has to be Catholic or something more liberal.

Bonnie said...

Ah the squirmy feeling of being judged without recourse to the exit. Sucky. Hope they had an open bar later!

joncormier said...

Um part of what I was trying to ignore was how women were created to be subservient to men.

I don't understand the need for faith - any faith. Sorry, I just don't get it and probably never will.