Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sometimes, the best arguments for something...

...are the arguments against it. For example, these specious arguments against wind power. I have no idea who Howard Hayden is. He appears to be an old grump who would rather a few smokestacks spewing out particulate matter, sulfur and nitrogen oxides than the much more attractive (to me, anyway) windmills that don't pollute as they generate.

Wind power already provides 20% of Denmark's electricity. So the U.S. must be a pretty special place if wind can never provide more than 10% of its power.

Other environmental concerns do exist, but that's why there's an environmental impact assessment process - to determine if the extent of those problems. Turbine blades turn slowly enough now that birds are at less risk from a turbine than they are from tall glass buildings.

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Brian C. said...

Here is an Op Ed on the US vs Denmark comparison. It sounds like there are two major issues. Firstly, Denmark is so small and is able to readily import electricity if necessary from neighboring nations, something Canada and Mexico would have a tough time doing. Also, expensive changes would need to be made to the electrical grid(s).

Likely wind generation will not make sense everywhere in the US.