Thursday, January 31, 2008

This poll demonstrates that...

...on average, Republicans are jerks, and are becoming bigger jerks. You'd think that dealing with the problems of the poor would be important for a largely Christian base (this is kind of how I was brought up in my Catholic household).

Is terrorism really such a major concern for them as well? 86% of Republicans view terrorism as a major concern, while 76% viewed the economy as one. Really? At least it's no longer the #1 concern. While terrorism should be a concern, I don't view it as all that important, because in the end, there are many more people affected by other things in the world than terrorism. There are plenty of other things killing many more people, unless you live in Iraq.

I'm also interested that there are no points that really discuss America's place in the world (trade, immigration, and terrorism kind of touch on it, but I don't think these issues cover America's place in the world). That's important to me - how our country is playing in the world.

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