Monday, July 16, 2007

A little bit of brilliance in the beige

Last night, myself, Jan and a couple of friends went to the brilliant under-20 football match between Argentina and Mexico, down at Frank Clair stadium. These two teams were very classy, and diving and gamesmanship (the bane of my football watching) were not rampant. The fans were fun (especially the Mexican fans; whenever the Argentinian goalie was taking a goal kick, they would cheer, gradually raising their voice, and once the ball was kicked, they'd yell "Puto!!!" If you don't speak Spanish and are easily offended, don't translate it.)

The final result was 1-0 for Argentina - a fair result, given that the Argentines were just a little more creative than the Mexicans. Both teams were very well organized in defense (it's not for nothing that Argentina has let in one goal all tournament).

After the match, the Argentinian fans engaged in a prolonged drumming and dancing session outside the stadium. It was very intense, and a brilliant semi-spontaneous party. Very unbeige. I will miss this tournament.

If I were an Argentine, I would wear this shirt around Mexicans today.

2007 has shown Ottawa to be very unlike what I expect out of the city. Perhaps there is some life to the city, life that can turn the beige into something more colourful.

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Jan Triska said...

The match was superb and the atmosphere was brilliant - as good a cheer in a stadium that you'll get in Canada and probably as big of a crowd of partyers as you'd get if the Sens had actually won the Cup.
The entire championship has been a highlight of my summer. I came back from a very interesting trip to Spain and Portugal, feeling a bit down about going back to work, regular routine and all that - and these awesome football matches have raised my spirit and reminded me there are exciting things happening in our backyard.