Sunday, July 8, 2007

Uh... is this for real?

So, do I understand this correctly? Are there lots of Greens against wind power? I'm not sure if that's what M. Viau is getting at here. If so...

I'm going orange.

This is pure regressiveness. While we still could drastically reduce energy consumption, especially on transport (by changing how we build our infrastructure and making some decisions on lifestyle), we're not going to have our lifestyles and quality of life without energy. And there are too many extremists who stand against all options that are environmentally reasonable for generating power and providing energy. Nothing is perfect, but wind and hydropower (moreso in temperate climates than in tropical climates) are the best options we have right now.


joncormier said...

I don't know what I find more pleasing - his random assertion that if we stop eating meat we'll reduce more greenhouse gases or the fact that after this guy is done writing an anti-windpower rant there is a little logo/button you can push about how the website is powered by wind-power.

You now see what I experienced for all those years I was there. It's any wonder I'm not MORE crazy just by osmosis alone - which apparently is the only power source that is truly green these days.

If this guy is serious about reducing greenhouse gases he should just hold his breathe until he dies saving us all a bit of CO2 and more crap like his little tract of insanity. I promise if he does this I won't eat him thus doubling the greenhouse gases NOT emitted.

Matthew Clarke said...

fortunately, there are plenty of disgruntled people on the party blogs shooting down his article. phew.

maybe this will teach more people to send in rational articles to the newsletter!

Jan Triska said...

The wind power issue is again pitting the completely hard-core, "no industrial development at any cost" crowd within the Green movement against the more moderate crowd who would like to see reasonably different, but still industrial-size solutions to the pollution problem.

There is such a thing as an extremist in the ecological circles: this person does not want to see any modern economy; they are most likely wanting to "live off the land" again and weave their own wool sweaters. However quaint and however admirable that seems, there's not chance that 98% of us could pull that off, so it remains a slightly crazy fantasy.

joncormier said...

Jan - remove "slightly" from that last sentence and I agree with you.

Sorry folks, I like my Nintendo Wii, vaccinations, heating and air conditioning, intercontinental travel, and pretty much any post-industrial invention a bit too much for me to think we can successfully return to the land and live in some scurvy filled mud hole version of Eden.

I say we take the people who profess this kind of lifestyle change and pull a cold war CIA kidnapping, blindfold them and push them out of an airplane into the middle of a forest (with a parachute) to see how they survive in their ideal setup for humanity. While they're busy pissing blood I'll be ordering another scotch while I don't watch the in flight movie on my way to buy a new cell phone in Venice.