Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh-oh-whoa that sinking feeling

Hello loyal reader, I'm back from vacation and the co-conspirators have done well in my absence.

I'm now going to explain a metaphor ad-nauseum. Enjoy!

Having just seen the Tall Ships in Halifax, including the remade Bounty for the movie starring Anthony Hopkins and the Anti-semite I don't talk about anymore from Australia, er LA now I suppose, I'm of course talking about rats fleeing a sinking ship. It's just one of those sayings that gets bandied about when people swarm away as fast as they can from some enterprise these days. Well it used to be true. You see, in old wooden sailing ships they all had rats. When they started to sink the rats did what they could to reach higher ground. Sailors would scramble after them if a wave of rats ran by because it usually meant the water was rising fast. You've seen Titanic so you'll know what I'm talking about.

Here's the thing about rats. They're actually kind of smart and a lot like people. Sure they're pestilent but have you listened to anything John Tory has said recently? It's why rats are used in experiments. They're a lot like us in intelligence and genetic make-up.

So, sailors take notice. The rats are fleeing. When the best candidate moves on, and the only one I respected from my time there who improved as a candidate and deserves to win, not on privilege or ideas but on hard work, for greener pastures a watery grave can't be far behind.

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Umar said...

Actually, I haven't seen Titanic. But I do agree with you about this being a terrible blow for the Greens. I voted David before I voted Green.

Speaking of smart animals...