Thursday, July 26, 2007

Time to crank up the Public Enemy

Because I'm about to fight the power, fight the powers that be, G!

Having just gotten back from my eastern vacation I have the good fortune of having my aunt's car being lent to me for two weeks. Being as I live in the Glebe and can walk to work I actually have little use for it during the working week. That, on top of crowded streets and restrictive parking policies at both my, and my wife's place of employment means I had to find an alternative.

That alternative came in the form of Second Avenue between O'Connor and Queen Elizabeth Drive. Why? Simple. THERE ARE NO SIGNS ABOUT WHAT THE PARKING REGULATIONS ARE. So naturally after two days of having a car parked there I got a parking ticket for violating a 3 hour limit. Since there was no posted limit on this street I jumped into action. Okay, first I cursed the whore of a mother who gave birth to the piddly little weiner that gave me a ticket, then I jumped into action.

I've taken pictures of the car and the street to show there are no parking signs anywhere in sight. Yes, the north side of the street is littered with no-parking signs but the south side has nothing whatsoever. I also used the video function on my camera to record a walk down the street from end to end proving there are no signs in sight. So, yes, I'm going to fight this because I wouldn't have parked there if there was a time limit for parking posted. Since nothing is posted I'm a bit pissed that I now have to interupt my life to deal with this.

If I had blocked a fire hydrant, driveway or even parked beyond the posted limit I would have simply paid the ticket. I can afford it. But this is utter bullshit.

The topper for all of this, is that in order to fight the ticket I need to either go to Nepean or Orleans. So, to fight a violation of convenience I need to be able to travel to the most inconvenient places. Lovely. I can only imagine what will happen if I have to actually go to a court to fight this. It'll probably be in Kanata on a Monday morning a few months from now when I no longer have a car to get there.

This feels like a quick grab for $30-$40 by the city of Ottawa because the car has Quebec plates. Well fuck you, I'm going to take this as far as I can baby. I'm going to keep everyone updated on this blog as well. As soon as I get the photos and video off the camera I'll post them up here as exhibits A and B.


Anonymous said...

I just got dinged for $80 when Mom parked downtown for lunch. Mercenaries! The signs were misleading, but alright.

Anonymous said...

I dont know how these self righous SOB's who hand out ticket's go to sleep at night, outside of the weak excuses that "its my job"...its a bullshit, money making and its approach has everything wrong about it. I was standing beside my car with it running trying to help my GF open the door with a bunch of stuff in her hand and the dude still gave me a ticket, despite my protest. I think they pick the popular guy in highschool who flunked out of uni and now is out to get back at the world for being such a failure. On a side note have you ever seen a non white person ticketing, who's doing the hiring here?