Friday, April 13, 2007

Green Party 2, Sanity 0

Well I wanted to get a proper introduction post ready before going live but those wacky Greens forced me to jump over the top early. As you can see the kinks are still being worked out here as I populate the sidebar and finish inviting the other contributors.

So I’ll give the most cursory of backgrounds then jump right in to what will most likely be a running theme in my posts – The Green Party is Stupid. You see, I worked for them for the last three years, and the two most important general elections for the party to date but I left out of utter utter frustration. Yes, I used two utters they are that frustrating. So, there’s that plus I just wanted to kind of have an outlet to talk about Ottawa and pretty much anything else that strikes my fancy. I’ll get into more details on the real intro post.

So while we have an acclaimed candidate out west claiming 9/11 was beautiful, and he stands by those claims we have Elizabeth May making a coalition of the willing. If I actually had a membership in the Greens I’d be asking for some answers pretty damned quickly or turning it in and just jumping to the Liberals, which is apparently okay – well from what Dion and May are saying anyway. There is no need for a Green Party when the leader is endorsing the Liberals and the Liberal leader.

There is a difference between doing politics differently and doing politics poorly. Guess which one it is when you’re supporting the competition? Oh well, at least they don’t have the party structure or apparatus to get rid of the guy who thinks passenger planes smashing into buildings killing thousands of New Yorkers is beautiful.

You know those stories of people who survive grizzly bear attacks? Today, I understand. I'm grateful to be alive and out of its grasp.


Jan Triska said...

This deal was sealed and delivered on an unusually cold, unseasonably cold in fact, Friday the 13th. Instead, to avoid the obvious inference of a sinister Liberal plot, it should have been presented to the nation on April Fool's Day. This way, it could have at least stood a chance of being considered a joke. But methinks it is a beginning of a sinister Liberal plot, or a fairly obvious, non-sinister, environmentally friendly Liberal plot.
Why compete at all when you don't have seats and don't intend to win any?

Spinks said...

It's going to backfire big time.

Oh and thanks for the link to 101.

joncormier said...

I'll always link to a fellow New Brunswicker - world domination is only a few months away for us NBers.

Umar said...

I didn't abandon the federal Liberals (sorry, run screaming from them and many years of failed environmental policies and myriad other idiocies) to have the party I decided to embrace join them. I think I'm going to have to go orange next time around.