Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh, if only I had the time to blog this one appropriately

Just got back from Berlin Sunday night. Let me tell you, that city KNOWS how to do beige (except they call it sandstone). So so so much more beautiful than Ottawa - it's what a capital should look like.

I hope to post more about this later.


Jan Triska said...

Adrian, it is indeed what a capital should look like. Unfortunately, Ottawa is a mid-size city and a sort of an artificial capital of a mid-size country...therefore, don't expect much greatness.
Berlin has been at the epicentre of so many developments, so much history - good and bad - and so many innovations in design, technology, management, etc. It also had a strange opportunity to reinvent itself after the WW II and after the end of Cold War, with East Berlin and East Germany being re-absorbed into a larger Germany. Without these kinds of historical forces, it's hard to unleash the capital and the human resources to accomplish truly monumental projects.

joncormier said...

I'm told that the Berlin skyline is made out of those modular cranes. Is that still the case?

We're truly missing something when all new buildings in Ottawa are modeled after the box my Chuck Taylor's came in. Add a damned angel statue or something to a butress.