Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday meme

In case you haven't stumbled across it yet here's the world's oldest rock band The Zimmers cover of The Who's My Generation. If I had a cane, I'd shake it at some young punks to the beat of these old codgers.

I was impressed by Iggy Pop reaching senior status and still tearing shit up but the bearded dude at the end of this one, who flips you the bird, is 100. There's just something about a rock group whose average age is 90 singing the ultimate anthem of youth without a hint of irony that I love. There's utter joy and jubelation in this song, which seems to make it that much more meaningful than the angst of anyone under 90 ripping it up. This jubelence is a slap in the face of anyone making millions (and million dollar videos that get less airplay) out of righteous anger without any basis for that pissed-offedness. This is a group that has a definite reason to be pissed - being screwed over and forgotten as they age. Plus, it's pretty solid and just weird to see.

*For the uninitiated an internet meme is like those e-mail jokes you used to get daily when you first got e-mail - only they're slightly more organic in that nobody sends them directly to you.


Jan Triska said...

It's some serious rock n'roll, that's for sure. Kind of creepy, though, for some reason. Imagine a 90-year old painstakingly smashing a guitar, and throwing out his back in the process - or getting a heart attack...

joncormier said...

I just love that a 90 year old dude is singing "I hope I die before I get old."