Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Can't pass up a Popemobile headline

I'm a sucker for the Popemobile. Now I can't stand the Catholic church as an institution but I love that they actually have a Popemobile. In fact they have many to deal with different locations, terrains and situations. You'd think the Pope could just use his holiness and being chosen by God to avoid sniper bullets, knife wielding maniacs, the twenty-first century and logic.

Anyway CBC ran this headline "Pope unhurt after man lunges at popemobile." What they don't say is "man crushed by popemobile." I guess technically he was smote by the popemobile, or possibly just roughed up by men in orange and purple rennaisance faire attendee costumes known as the Swiss Guard.

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Jan Triska said...

Smiting the wicked, indeed.

Yes, the Catholic church must deal with all kinds of terrain and the most unpredictable human situations as well. I mean, you could have an adoring fan (which can border on an obsessive, scary fan) next to a normal person, next to a political radical, next to an ultra-religious grandma, next to a potential professional assasin.

The crowds they show in the developing world, particularly Brazil, Central America and the Philippines, are huge, chaotic and pretty much medeival.

Speaking of medeival, if a guy threatens the Pope today, he gets a nice mental check-up...if a guy threatened the Pope in the 1500s, there was some meat-hook hanging and feet-burning kind of therapy available back in those times...