Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Second against the wall

Why were we watching NBC during the second intermission last night? I want to watch Hockey Night in Canada, not NBC at the races, er hockey.

And why hasn't anyone mentioned that Mr. Canada, Don Cherry, went south to the Yanks before the ink was even dry on his cheque, sorry, check? (Certainly not Czech). If the revolution ever comes, I say he's second against the wall, just after Jim Carrey. Although I think it's a bit more gut wrenchingly obvious that the guy who goes on and on about how great Canada and Canadian hockey is jumped south at the first opportunity is more of a pain in the ass than the guy who made Me, Myself and Irene. Can we revoke his papers at the border? What about Wade Redden's?

Also, I'd like CBC to get some play-by-play men that can actually call the play happening on the ice. It's not a "great save" if it hits a defenceman. The Ottawa players have names too, in particular the goalie is called Ray Emery. You can just call him Emery. It's pretty easy to remember and easier to say than your constant yammering about "the Ottawa goalie."

I'm in no mood to write about anything today. Plus, it's raining.

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