Thursday, June 7, 2007

Painful memories for Oilers-cum-Senators fans

Jon, you may wish to criticise me for my criticism of the Phillips play (and delete this post). Which, to be frank, I blame more on the suckiness of Emery last night than on Mr. Phillips. But, it must be seen by the masses.

So... Chris Phillips' goal did remind me a lot of the famous Steve Smith goal of 1986. As a Habs fans by nature, I was a lot happier to see that goal scored than the one yesterday - my boys wouldn't have hoisted the 1986 Cup if it wasn't for that blunder.


Jan Triska said...

Last night was mostly spectacular, end-to end hockey and the score kind of flattered the Ducks. Sure, they were the better team and they had been the better team in the series (that's why they hoisted Lord Stanley's mug). But Ottawa was playing, at times, inspired hockey.

It's been memorable. Lots of the Senators players really grew as players and people througout this. They lost to a formidable team and have nothing to be ashamed of.

I think Alfredsson, Emery, Phillips and Fisher should be commended for their awesome efforts. Volchenkov and Scheaffer were good, too, throughout the play-offs. Spezza was on a roll until the finals. The only major player who kind of, as Jon says, 'didn't show up' was Redden but we all know that. Heatley is overpaid for what he does, but he is putting the puck in the net often enough.

Just my humble opinions.

joncormier said...

Yeah Heatley seemed to disappear but if you look at the stats he was really producing throughout the playoffs - just at the last round he quited down, same with Preising.