Thursday, June 28, 2007

Surviving the Undead

For those in the know, Max Brook's book The Zombie Survival Guide is essential reading. That being said I managed to stumble across a little quiz that I should probably save until next Monday but I liked it too much. Find out how likely you are to survive a zombie apocolypse.


I encourage my co-contributors to take this test so I can post your results as well.


Matthew Clarke said...

Only 37% for me... :(

I need to be in better shape and get some firearm training. The "blast your loved one" question was a no-brainer.

(yes, that pun was intended... and SWEET!)

joncormier said...

I was particularly fond of the "I'm prettu sure I could blow something up if I had to" answer.

I think the biggest fault is our city size and lack of readily available firearms. Also, I'd go find my wife first.