Monday, June 18, 2007

So long Muckler

Today it appears that John Muckler is no longer the GM of the Ottawa Senators and that coach Brian Murray is taking over. I don't really have much of an opinion one way or the other except to say that I think Muckler got a bit of a raw deal after putting together a team that made it to the cup finals and on the flip-side Murray did put together the Ducks team that beat him this year.

My one concern is that Pat Quinn is available to take the job as coach. Don't do this. Please. Seriously. Remember how well the Leafs did under him? Remember how well he coached the Olympic teams? Anyone with a couch and a TV can do the job just as well, and will save you cash.

I'm looking forward to seeing what changes will occur over the summer. Just make sure the names Pat and Quinn are not added to the roster and we'll be kosher.

1 comment:

Umar said...

Don't even mention the word Pat in the same sentence.

It should be separated from the word Quinn in all instances.

I'm starting to not hate the Leafs because they got rid of him and Domi. Remove Tucker (and maybe Jon Ferguson Jr.) and they're almost unhateable.... until you remember their fans.