Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Headlines Talk Smack

Caution: Language.

Nova Scotia to Harper: Pay up Sucker!

Harper to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland: Suck it Bitches!

Casey to Conservatives: Fuck all y’all.

Ottawa to Natives: Chill, we’ll get to it. We totally got your back.

Man forcing own fame upon unsuspecting public to said public: Shut the hell up internerd!

City Hall to Ethics Policy: Seriously, what the fuck?


Umar said...

From the Canada.com article. Maybe the police should do another search of Juliet O'Neill's house to see if they can find her brain...

I could've sworn that there were guys named Michael Chong and Garth Turner out there... Didn't they dissent from the party just a little in the past and get expelled or demoted as a result?

"OTTAWA - Veteran Nova Scotia MP Bill Casey was expelled from the Conservative caucus yesterday after voting against the federal budget -- the first open dissent within the tightly controlled minority government since Stephen Harper was elected Prime Minister 16 months ago."

joncormier said...

I think that both happened before Harper was Prime Minister. You're getting your minority parliaments mixed up - sucka! Sorry, this smack talk thing is getting to me.

Umar said...


Harper government sworn in on Feb. 6, 2006.

Garth Turner - kicked out of caucus on Oct. 18, 2006.

Michael Chong - resigns from cabinet on Nov. 27, 2006.


As my friend Jeff Lee would say... EAT THAT!!!

Brian C. said...

Wow, this whole Atlantic issue is clearly an issue of political opportunism. Nfld and NS have the option of choosing, on an annual basis, whether to use the old Atlantic Accord mechanism or the new calculation. It's impossible to believe that the provinces cannot make the best choice on their own.

Then, to top it off, we suddenly see McGuinty wake up and state that there should be no side deals on equalization. I swear McGuinty was silent when Paul Martin did the original side deals with NS and Nfld.

This is obscenely strange stuff. Elizabeth May supporting the concept of the Atlantic deals does not seem to fit in with the party platform but I guess nothing overrides political opportunism.

However, it seems appropriate that the same calculation should be used for all provinces, regardless of previous bad deals made by previous govts.

joncormier said...

It's like they somehow managed to make a tenuous and touchy subject just simply impossible to even mention without it flaring into full scale attacks.

Let's make a difficult issue that much more impossible seems to be the plan of action here.

Hello paint, meet corner.

And well, I think Elizabeth May is as relevant to politics as is Stephane Dion's dog.