Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Colour this AWESOME!!!

Wow. This is an interesting colour of awesome. Go Korean high schools.

On a side note, I found a link to this video at the Guardian's Environment site, on an article about the poor environmental performance of the Football Association. The Guardian is more than a sight better than any equivalent of a North American newspaper on environmental topics (at least, those that I've seen - please correct me if I'm wrong). On top of that, it is often found exhorting the U.K. to progress further, and join its Nordic and Teutonic neighbours as environmental leaders. Having finally been to the U.K. for a couple of days on my return from a work meeting last week, I can see that there remains a fair bit of work to do (housing standards for energy efficiency do need to be ratcheted up, and recycling needs to become more ubiquitous), but they're generally ahead of us on this environmental game.


joncormier said...

That is pretty cool. But I'm wondering if it would have been cheaper to just buy a jumbo-tron than to spend the weeks if not months to train hundreds of individuals to do that? Not to mention the cost of human lives when you fail to perform.

I guess it's easier to dedicate yourself to something when you don't have things like electricity.

Jan Triska said...

That's some pretty serious cheerleading.
The South Koreans are known for their panache and total 'go over the top' committment as sports fans. When any major - or even minor - soccer club is playing, they go apeshit.
I need something like this on my Wednesday night games, bro. Think of importing some Koreans!

Matthew Clarke said...

I pumped my fist in the air one time when the Sens scored a goal. I guess I have a ways to go before I'm a real sports fan.