Friday, November 2, 2007

Le Sigh

I came across this gem of an article today after my wife pointed out what happened yesterday, I believe. Only in Quebec will one of the greatest hockey players and genuinely respected athletes be criticised for not knowing French. Saku Koivu already speaks Finnish, Swedish and English, which is more than pretty much every Canadian (and Quebecer) who stuggles with two languages, if not one.

This is the guy who the Montreal Canadiens franchise is built upon, is the Captain of the team, who beat non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and has been selected by the Olympic Athletes to represent them on the Athlete's Commission of the IOC. Maybe the Parti Quebecois needs to jump on that religious schools bandwagon or just build a large Berlinesque wall around the province to really get in touch with voters.

Saku, you'd be welcome in Ottawa. In fact, I'll trade Redden for you.

1 comment:

Umar said...

No. You already have Alfie. I get to keep Saku.

Sometimes, Pauline, just don't be such an idiot. Saku is loved in spite of his lack of French language skills. He's one of the most respectable players in the game. Don't do stupid crap like this.

It's hard to stay a Habs fan when this happens. If Saku were to come to O-town, no question, I join him.