Friday, November 23, 2007

Senator's Pay Per View

So last night I was watching the Senators' Pay Per View game on Rogers. It cost me $11, and I should have learned my lesson the first time. Last year, we didn't get the entire second period versus New Jersey and when it did come back it was the local American Channel. I made the mistake of believing my $11 would allow me to avoid watching commercials and since it was advertised as Sens TV, that I would actually get a pro Senators bent.

Well the same fucking thing happened last night against Pittsburgh. The broadcast shorted out and suddenly I'm getting the local Pittsburgh feed. I called Rogers about the problem and I am absolutely disgusted by their customer service.

I did manage to get through the entire call without yelling but only because I'm at work so I can distract myself during the long telephone trees that don't give you the proper section (I went with billing since I wanted my $11 back), and the infinite timelessness of being put on hold.

Rogers then tried to blame me for the interuption in service. They said that I could have hit the SAP setting on my TV. My TV doesn't have a digital feed. In fact I had to buy an adaptor to hook my dvd player to it because it only has a cable connection on the back. I expect it to increase in value any day on the antique market. So, they said that I hit a button when the blue screen of death appeared with "PLEASE STAND BY" in white block letters. Then when the Pittsburgh feed appeared and the text scrawled across the bottom said that the Senators feed was experiencing technical difficulties, that too was somehow my fault. Also, I was the first person to call so they were unaware of any problems.

I called on Friday at 10:30 a.m. I ask that anyone who called before that time with the same exact complaint let me know so we can definately, with finality, be able to call Rogers a bunch of fucking liars. Is that seriously what passes for customer service? Blame the customer for something that was publicly apologized for?

Personally, I treat these calls as if they are an improvisation game where you can never say the word "yes" or anything else that can be recorded as an agreement for them to remix when you sue them. Never say yes when you are calling a customer service line, but don't be total dickhead either, it's not the person on the phone's fault.

I got my eleven bucks back. I encourage you all to do the same. That wasn't the service you paid for, so don't complain, act accordingly. Unless, I was the only house in all of Ottawa that lost the pay-per-view service and that message was entirely just for me.

Time to head to CBC to register my experience.


Umar said...

You're making me think twice about switching my mobile provider to Rogers. That said, I might be able to save about $25/month by doing so and ditching Hell Mobility.

What blows me away is that PC Mastercard got such a low rating from CBC. I've always found their customer service, once you get through the initial layers, to be excellent, and not a huge time waste. Unlike Bell, Rogers, etc.

Rogers' software is busted on my computer. I tried an update, and can't get it working. You know, come to think of it, Rogers sucks. I'll join you shortly on CBC.

We need more options. Seriously, if someone has hundreds of millions in VC money, throw some of it at a potential mobile service provider that, you know, doesn't bend over its customers. Look at Rogers and Bell; clearly, it's a profitable business, and someone should try to get in on some of that action...

joncormier said...

I'm still just realing by the fact they tried to blame ME. Yeah, I a have a special "destroy broadcast/Instert apology from Rogers" button on my remote.

Then they made like it wasn't a problem because I was the first to complain about it.

I wonder what the fuck they filter into that call centre along with the oxygen? All I know is their cosmic reality is significantly different from mine.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how they were accosting me for not wanting commercials in a hockey game I paid for specifically, and was advertised, by Rogers, as commercial-free. Yeah, hockey games have commercials, except, you know, when I pay to NOT HAVE COMMERCIALS! Absolute fucktards.