Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Already he's making me angry

Okay, so I was trying to find out a bit about the upcoming hockey season and it turns out that finding the Senators' broadcast schedule is about as easy as finding out the broadcast schedule for the English Premiership. In otherwords, it's time to find religion and pray you can find one as some point before it's too far into the season.

In my search I find a few rumoured reports of Brian Murray trying to sign Peter Forsberg. I find that interesting in that Mr. Forsberg can be paid less if he's playing for a team based in a country with subsidized healthcare because, man-o-man is he ever breakable. Then I read that Murray is no longer shopping Redden around and is actually thinking of extending his contract beyond this year. WTF? Seriously?

I hope they get Forsberg and strap him up with some Wile E. Coyote type rocket-skates and just send him out onto the ice towards Redden - a lot. I know Redden is a nice guy and all, but we need someone who can actually stay up on their skates and, you know, try to win the game.

Peter Forsberg with ever more absurdly cartoonish ways to be propelled at Redden, though - I'd pay money to see that. I'd even be willing to pay for level one seats.

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Jan Triska said...

Forsberg is really past his prime, not because he's lost any of his awesome skill, but simply because he's just so goddamn breakable...the guy just get injured like every other match.

But he'll cost a tremendous amount of money, of course. Just like Jagr, just like Yashin, like any other big European star.