Friday, August 24, 2007

No Comment, No Comment, Um, Yeah They're Ours

So it turns out those masked men were actually cops. I'm not entirely shocked. My guess is that a few things will happen because of this. We'll find out from the Quebec Provincial Police that these three men weren't acting under orders or were somehow on their own so no body in the organization is directly responsible for their actions other than the three men themselves.

Stockwell Day will manage to screw something up in response to it. Shocking, I know.

Retired police officers are really kind of funny and will be trying to get Hollywood consultant gigs out of their interviews surrounding this incident. All the retired officers I've heard from were making fun of the upper eschelons for choosing people who don't fit in as agent provocateurs. They all seem to tell reporters how they'd have done it "properly" by getting thinner and mangier looking people to blend in with the crowds without raising suspicion

Everyone in Canada knew they were cops when the police force never released the names of the three men arrested. We're cynical, not dribbling idiots.

Someone will blame former RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli at some point.

It seems to me they wanted to start a riot in order to justify spending so much on security and, well, it just seems like such a waste to get all dressed up with all that wonderful new (and expensive) riot gear to not use it or justify the expense.

This will help fuel the constant yammering about sixties culture and how they had to deal with this kind of crap when they opposed the Nam. Somehow, this will add to more glorification of revisionist baby boomer history.

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