Friday, August 17, 2007

Sasquatch suit holidays

Just when I'd thought it would have been an original idea, some guy in Manitoba has already donned the hairy suit and scary mask and has been freaking out unsuspecting campers..

And, because this is Canada, we take care to take the fun out of it - as we eventually take the fun 0ut of everything. The 18-year old 'sasquatch impersonator' even got arrested by the cops. I wonder what the warning would have been..."next time, sir, make sure you dress up as an antelope"?

What I also love about the story is that the fellow was a regular at that provincial park, has been camping there repeatedly and truly enjoyed his surroundings. The sasquatch thing was just a little lark on the side. Very mellow, very quaint. It's not like it's five or six drunken fratboys donning these suits and rampaging through a campground.

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