Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bang bang (the drum)

Seems the Ottawa Congress Centre can't seem to get its story straight over whether they have a policy banning rap and hip-hop, artists that promote gun violence or just a blanket ban on concerts altogether. To be honest it sounded like they're just as unorganized and indifferent about their work as pretty much any other place that has a spirit crushing environment. Also, university aged males tend to want confrontation and to be right all the time so I'm sure neither side is totally coming out aces in this one.

Still, I find it quite disgusting that a vice president will just outright lie because he doesn't understand rap and hip hop. The second veep did a wonderful back pedal claiming he was only expressing a personal opinion and not official policy about artists and gun violence. I wonder if there are any free ridings for the Tories in the October election? I smell candidate, here!

But this morning on CBC the president was on, and granted I only heard the beginning and the end because I had to take a shower, where he explained that he decided that the Congress Centre just shouldn't hold any more concerts because it's not the right venue, it doesn't make good business sense, the staff isn't properly trained for that type of event and more along those lines. They all make perfectly good sense to me. It just looks really bad when you need 24 hours to prepare and answer that makes sense. May as well get a black t-shirt with white block letters that spell GUILTY across the chest much like a sixties batman thug had THUG spelled across his. Also, good policies are only good policies if you, and here's the important part, actually tell other people about them.

As for Mr. Gun Violence, I'm wondering if he has any Johnny Cash at home because that song Cash sings about tying up his wife and shooting her really has nothing to do about gun violence. Or that song about Folsom Prison, or A Boy Named Sue and many others. Same goes for the 1812 Overture, and pretty much any opera is about killing and raping. But they don't glorify it do they? Not with all the opulent productions, not at all.

And finally, don't try to screw with someone who is working on improving voter turn out. You're just asking for trouble then because not only are they an activist, they're probably actualy good at getting things done. Like embarassing you.

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Jan Triska said...

Good post, Jon.
I cracked up when you mentioned the operas. True..when you see Rigoletto or even La Traviata, not to mention some of the more modern stuff, yeah, there's a lot of killin' and pillagin' there, for sure. It's just the music that is dignified and soaring - which somehow makes it okay, as opposed to the beats of Snoop Doggy Dog.