Thursday, August 23, 2007

What I don't need to hear anymore.

Already I'm tired of this story on the news. Now, this will be a bit hard to write about without ending up sounding like a total ass but here goes.

I don't want to hear about how dead soldiers from Quebec can cost Harper a majority. It makes it feel like soldiers from Quebec are more important. Harper should have lost any right to win votes after he extended a dangerous mission with little to no support from any of the alliance members in NATO. I know I've on really dealt with war in a game of Risk but I think I know what an alliance is and how they're supposed to work.

I guess I'm just saddened by the soldiers who have given their lives being overshadowed by political predictions and a reliance on the idea of two solitudes.


Anonymous said...

It certainly is disappointing to see how isolationist Canadians are and how little we care about the people outside our borders.

joncormier said...

It's not about NOT caring, it's about ensuring we're not the only ones doing the heavy lifting.