Sunday, August 26, 2007

More Ottawa stupidity

Hello Ottawa Beige readers,

Recently, I moved, from one of Ottawa's decent, fairly central neighbourhoods, Sandy Hill, to the most central of them all, Centretown. Now, most things are better here. But one thing that gets me at all times (particularly late at night) are the lights I can see from my bedroom. You see, I'm afforded an excellent view of l'Esplanade Laurier's East Tower. It houses the Ministry of Finance and the Treasury Board Secretariat. Apparently, because they deal with money, bringing it in, and how it's spent, they're allowed a little bit of profligacy. For example, it is a rare evening when there is only 1 or 2 floors lit up in that building from my perspective. At 11:40 on Sunday night, I have a view of the top 10 floors. Of which 5 are very brightly lit up (this is a quiet night, I guess - sometimes it's 8 of them). That's your and my tax dollars that are being wasted so that nobody in their right mind has their floor well lit (that's assuming that nobody in their right mind is in the office at 11:40 on a Sunday night). Neighbouring buildings may have one or two floors lit.

Apparently, someone else is trying to get the message across to them; as I was passing the building yesterday, the flipping billboard across Laurier St. from the building turned to the David Suzuki powerWISE ad. I had a bit of a chuckle.

I wonder if the building managers will get the message. Probably not, given what the Wikipedia entry says...


Anonymous said...

thought you might be interested to know...this came up on the TBS intranet 'newsdesk' which collects all news articles pertaining to the department and posts them to the internal site. so hopefully your article will raise awareness.

Umar said...

That's excellent! Thanks for letting me know. I get annoyed at seeing wasted energy, especially as our Minister of Natural Resources has talked about how "the largest untapped source of energy in this country — larger than the oilsands — is the energy we waste."