Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Congratulations Ottawa

You've managed to prove me right.

I keep mouthing off about how by being incredibly selfish you've managed to vote in an incredibly selfish mayor who would pretty much make this city a beige wasteland. It has come to pass. Remember his very clear promise that "zero means zero"? Apparently he's using base 12 math or something else I don't understand. Perhaps he forgot to carry a five or something because now "zero means five."

That's right, it looks like there will be a minimum 5% tax increase. Yes, he said he supports a 2% tax increase for something that doesn't involve "council vanity projects," council already voted to increase at the rate of inflation 1.4% and the police service will be giving a minimum 1.6% increase to the budget. That add ups to 5% if you follow me. Then again I don't understand how 5 and 0 are the same number. I'm a bit dubious of my 95% in advanced math in high school now.

On a side note I'm wondering what the heck a council vanity project is? Are we funding their self-published novels or something? Are there full length mirrors in the council chamber or a bunch of marble statues in their homes that I don't know about?

On top of this there will be between 500 and 1000 jobs cut. This to me is the most disgusting aspect of our new mayors reign. Those are the types of job cuts that decimate towns where the mill closes. We just sort of roll our eyes and think "oh yeah, I've had nothing but positive experiences when dealing with the city because there were just too many people there to help me out. It was like a harrem of city employees there to take care of all my parking ticket needs."

Way to ensure people like me are looking for the next job out of town.

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