Thursday, May 3, 2007

...and then, it Get's Better!

Okay time for a link-dump post on my favourite subject.

Let's see - Paul Wells. Paul, you had me at "emphasis added." Scott Feschuck, again, after the first bit, see his Inviolable Rule of Politics #178. Heck even her new best friend Dion is "uncomfortable" according to The Star.

And I guess if you believe this, then I was cast out of the garden, well more like Orthanc, I guess.


Jan Triska said...

Feschuck's comments - really funny and totally on the mark. "You know you've boned up things really bad, when..."

And this sermon-delivering thing by E.May, creepy. I think she has some kind of a priest/oracle fetish. It just feels good to stand up there in the pulpit and rant and move oneself to tears...I guess.
(I had known she was religious and sort of playing that card, nut the extent and the weirdness of it escaped me.)

joncormier said...

So when do you think Chenushenko just tosses his hat in with the Liberals?

Brian said...

I HOPE HE DOES. Man, that guy! I saw him speak before the 2003 election on a trailer (!) in front of the Sunnyside library followed by Ed Broadbent. Chernushenko is really great.

I scratched my head so long and hard when he lost to Elizabeth may that I now have a scar.

joncormier said...

The thing is I'm not a huge fan of the Liberal Party either. I do like David as a candidate and think he would make a fantastic member or parliament - I just can't support the party he runs for because I have no faith in their ability to govern. Which is kind of how I feel about pretty much all the parties, I just happened to work for the Greens so I know more than I'm comfortable with to cast my vote that way.

I just think David is too rational to appeal to the general masses of the GPC. He wanted a measured approach to sort out the party's internal issues first, and the members thought they were ready for prime-time with Elizabeth May.