Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back in the beige

Hello loyal customer!

So I'm finally back in the town of beige (at least in a corporeal sense). One of the benefits of being in Beigetown is access to the locally-accessible beers of two excellent producing areas, Ontario and Quebec. Now, it is still difficult to get ones hands on some of the best brews of Quebec at times, or even to learn of some of them. Well, after finding Les Enthousiastes de la Bière, I need to search no more. They're all here! It's a French site, but isn't that difficult to understand (worse comes to worse, try Free Translation for a hand).

Suggestions include Blanche de Chambly and Éphémère (my favourite Unibroue products). There are many more I look forward to trying in the near future, and learning about now that I have access to this excellent web site.

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joncormier said...

Unibroue always looks like uni-brow to me. Then I think of cave-men or Bert.