Thursday, May 31, 2007

Try not to despair

Okay, I admit it, I started to despair last night. I knew something was wrong when Don Cherry, of all people, made sense. He said this is the worst the Senators have ever played in this year’s playoffs and they only lost by one goal. And they’re on their way home.

If I was Emery or Volchenkov I’d be tearing my teammates a new one. Emery was fired up last night and put on a spectacular show. We were wondering where Eaves was and I think maybe Bryan Murray let Emery punch him up a bit to work out his frustration and it aggravated that concussion. Seriously, after last night’s performance if Emery needs to beat someone up as his pre-game ritual, I’ll get him a hobo. Heck I could probably run a contest for willing fans at this point.

And has everyone seen these three Young Liberals ads yet? They’re quite clever compared to the Conservative attempt at clever. Not that I really like one party more than the other, and they’re still just *this* close to actually being relevant to anyone but Young Liberals or Conservatives.

Mocking those Macintosh-PC ads is done. That shark was jumped, landed on enough times, knocked out, bred with hyper-intelligent dolphins, and turned into slurry. Also, I hate that smug Mac guy. He’s not cool, he’s an arrogant little wiener of a character who makes me never consider buying a Mac. You see too many people in my neighbourhood thinking their powerbooks make them as cool as that young whippersnapper on that commercial while they drink overpriced coffee and hog tables throughout The Glebe. Also, you couldn’t play Civ IV on Macs until quite recently.


Jan Triska said...

Yeah, the Liberal ads are funny. Somewhat. They were always the more entertaining crowd among the political party youth; I should know about it, having been a young Liberal for two carefree years at one point.

About the Sens - we are suffering at the hands of a seriously experienced, merciless and skilled team that just knows how to stifle an attack, create turn-overs and turn the tables on Ottawa. The Ducks are not the most elegant team or the most physical (i.e. they are not the Red Wings, nor are they a bunch of grinders like the Oilers of last season...)but they have the most ideal combination of speed, size and talent. Big guys who can stickhandle. They are going to be the Sens undoing, unfortunately.

joncormier said...

Plus they realise you can cross check a Senator five or six times, but seven is just going to get you a penalty. You can also crash Emery until the cows come home with impunity, but a player from Ottawa goes near the opposition and they're getting two minutes.

No I'm not being biased the officiating last night was attrocious.