Thursday, May 17, 2007

Support Local Strippers

Like I needed another reason to think poorly of our current government. I guess this is the same sort of idea as the 100-km diet only with less clothing and more artificial ingredients. How do you show there is a short supply of strippers? Seriously. Do you start spraying hoses at street lights and see which women start dancing witht he poles? I mean, sure, you can use the internet to see naked foreign women, but they're not all dancing a few meters from where you're sitting in real life, and that is probably a problem for someone.

The more I think about it, the more I think the Conservative government, sorry, Canada's New Government™, is really just creating a fraternity house. What has been the major topics in the last few weeks? Hockey and Strippers.

Maybe that's John Baird's party face we keep seeing. *shudder*


Umar said...

Now now, let's not blame Mr. Baird. From what I understand, he has no interest in lady strippers anyway. I'm just sayin'... After all, why else would Steve let John escort Laureen to events that he cannot attend?

joncormier said...

All I mean is whenever we see Baird in a photo he looks like he's hazing new pledges or trying to impress his friends with a wicked fart.