Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Meme - two separate ideas melding into one form

Call the doctor, because I got Ottawa Senators fever. The only known cure is the Stanley Cup.

I do have to say that I'm exceptionally happy that the fans have managed to rise their heads out from the sea of beige normally unassailable in this city. For the first time cheers are based around support for the Senators rather than fueled by anti-Leaf sentiment. I like that. I'm happy about that although it seems to have just been recalibrated towards the amorphous media for not being totally behind the Senators - the anouncers, Don "I will abuse plaid until you all gouge out your eyes Cherry, and well, the rest of Canada really are all being targeted for not supporting the Sens. My thoughts are why the heck should they? Because we'll support any Canadian team in the finals doesn't mean we should expect the same when it's our team.

Yes, I'm no big Leafs fan but if they were in the cup I'd be 100% behind them, but that's just me. Same for the Habs, Canucks, Flames, Oilers and that possible new team that the Blackberry guy might move across the border. I know this comes from my years in the UK where I, even to this day, couldn't stand Manchester United unless they were playing against European teams. Old alliances go by the wayside when a common enemy is presented - or you know and English team plays the Germans, kind of like when a Canadian team plays an American one. But the thing is, I don't expect the rest of Canada to be like me the rest of the world would get suspiscious, or maybe jealous.

I’ll be watching the game tonight with my in-laws. Also, that’s pretty much the reason I haven’t posted anything this past weekend, and haven’t been able to plan ahead for this week. Expect light content. Now that I’ve written that I’ll end up producing a treatise on metaphysics in an hour or so.

Meanwhile, enjoy Rock Scissors Paper version 2.0

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