Friday, May 4, 2007

That horse doesn't look so well...

If you go to their website and read these blogs here, you’ll see that the Green Party members are discussing the whole appeasement thing as well and are trying to circle the wagons with the same indifference and sense of urgency they fight elections with. If you go read a bit of them you’ll start to understand why I left. It’s not that they are discussing this subject or making somewhat well reasoned arguments from time to time, it’s that nobody is actually concerned about what the real issue was. There’s claim that the uproar is that Elizabeth May used the word “Nazis.” Sorry, that’s not it.

The uproar is that she used the word “worse” or “more culpable” which amounts to the same thing. Although, I have to admit, I’m a little uncomfortable that so many of their members are arguing to reclaim the analogy. You might think you can have intellectual non-bias, but you’re arguing to be able to compare things to Hitler and that’s just not right.

Until the environment starts lining up the citizens of Canada to shoot them in the head, gas them in work camps and burn them in ovens, our government is not “worse” than Chamberlain for being inactive on the situation. That's the issue.

Also, from the Globe and Mail we have a quote from Ms. May, "If you can't make a comment about the Second World War without immediately being charged with having said something about the Nazis and the Holocaust, then we really do impoverish the dialogue and our own historical set of references." Here’s the thing Ms. May – you actually did say something about the Nazis, whether or not you were quoting someone else. And just because other politicians did it doesn’t make it any better. I would have to say that referring to organized genocide impoverishes the dialogue this country so desperately needs to enter on climate change.

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