Thursday, May 31, 2007

Animal House

After seeing the following short article on CBC, I have become most intrigued about the potential of using wild animals in various acts of protest against unpopular government policies..

FREDERICTON (CP) - There was a four-legged intruder Thursday in the New Brunswick legislative press gallery in Fredericton.
A young deer entered through an open door of the building next to the legislature shortly before 8 a.m.
Video captured by security cameras shows the deer cross the lobby and briefly enter an elevator, before bolting into offices used by reporters.
The deer jumped onto a desk, smashing a keyboard and leaving clumps of hair.
The animal then raced through the offices and jumped through a window, leaving shattered glass strewn outside.
The deer hasn't been seen since.

Don't like what John Baird has done with the environment portfolio? Well, time to round up some deer...Planning to spoil that city council meeting where that damn transport policy will be coming up again? Get some wild animals, let them loose at a critical juncture. Apparently, they like rampaging through offices and smashing keyboards.

I would most likely opt for something heavier, more clumsy and potentially threatening. In parts of the country, say Newfoundland or Northern Ontario, moose would be an ideal fit. In Alberta, wood buffalo or elk (especially rutting Banff elk) are the candidates. Big, mean, slightly disoriented and wonderfully difficult to control, short of shooting them..and, of course, you can't have that without an outcry from the environmentalists. So, in conclusion, time to start thinking Animal House.

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